He has continued providing me with support .”

I had a great time working with Drew. What makes him different is his ability to communicate with me...He makes you feel comfortable. Doesn't come off as a lawyer...After just a few conversations with Andrew I knew his satisfaction came by helping his clients. He takes pride in all the families he has helped. 

We would eventually go on to win a settlement against the Saint Paul Police in the amount of a quarter million. Since then I have spoken with Andrew on many occasions. He has continued providing me with support and is never to busy to talk. 

— R.Y.T., Client

“They made my entire family feel welcomed and comfortable

It was a pleasure working with Andrew and Paul. They made my entire family feel welcomed and comfortable in the federal court system. The outcome of our situation was better than we expected due to their hard work!  

— A.K., Client

I was assaulted by the police and charged with a felony that I did not commit. Nobody believed in me, until I met Andrew. Andrew took my case to trial and won. I was acquitted, and released from custody the same day. I've been in trouble before, and I've never had a lawyer who was as dedicated to my case or as good in front of a jury as Andrew Irlbeck. 

— D.T., Client


“I won the lawyer jackpot.”

After spending many months trying to find a competent lawyer to represent me in an extremely unethical and complicated case (spanning civil rights, criminal, family and domestic violence law), he took me on and I won the lawyer jackpot. I have never in my life felt so supported and held by such strength, eloquence and competency. Of course my case was immediately dismissed. Andrew is a dream to work with for all the above reasons. Additionally, he is funny, approachable, extremely nonjudgmental, wholeheartedly ethical...The judge clearly derived much pleasure from this and from Andrews competency. He was like a breath of fresh air in the courtroom. Andrew was able to turn something that used to cause me debilitating anxiety and stress into something, dare i say, almost enjoyable!. 

— M.O., Client

Andrew is very down to earth and determined to make police officers accountable for their misconduct...I highly recommend  Andrew for everyone who needs help with police misconduct. 

— C.L., Client


"He is authentically willing to help"

My experience with Andrew Irlbeck is that he is authentically willing to help, especially in civil rights matters. I could tell that he was committed to helping fight for the rights of those who may not be best positioned in the power structure to stand up for themselves. Andrew is also extremely intelligent and supportive, and with an added sense of humor!

— L.N., Client