City Reaches $250k Settlement in Brutality Case

"The city of St. Paul has reached a $250,000 settlement with a man who accused police of excessive force.

The deal was reached last week, said attorney Paul Applebaum, who represented plaintiff Anthony Clark Jr. A trial had been scheduled to start Monday.

"He's pleased with the settlement and wants to move on with his life," said Applebaum, who represented Clark with co-counsel Andrew Irlbeck.

A confidentiality agreement prevented Applebaum from saying more.

According to the suit filed in federal court in 2010: Clark saw his fiancée being confronted by officers at the Station 4 bar downtown. He put his hand on her elbow to leave, and an officer pushed him. Another officer deployed a Taser at him but missed. Clark ran and hid in an alley..."

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