Irlbeck Settles “Takings” Claims Against Ramsey County for $792,000

Last week, Andrew Irlbeck secured a great victory for his law firm and for the citizens of Ramsey County, Minnesota. In the matter of Anonymous Plaintiffs vs. Ramsey County et al., Mr. Irlbeck represented a group of Plaintiffs whose property and businesses were damaged by a Ramsey County Sheriff’s Deputy who crashed into their office building, which subsequently sustained serious fire and water damage. Irlbeck and the Plaintiffs asserted a constitutional “Takings” claims, along with various state torts, and ultimately negotiated a $792,000 lump sum payment to the Anonymous Plaintiffs for business interruption and personal property damages.

Briefly stated, a “Takings” claim occurs in situations where a person or group of people is forced to bear the burden of the public, in this case, the damage done by a county sheriff’s deputy. Not only will this settlement bring remuneration for the Plaintiffs, but it will also set a precedent for future cases.  With this settlement, Mr. Irlbeck has not only shown that police misconduct should not be taken lightly, he has also shown that the citizens of Ramsey County have the right to protect themselves and their property.

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