Irlbeck and Co-Counsel File $12 Million Civil Rights Lawsuit Against St. Paul on Behalf of Woman Wrongfully Accused in Sex-Trafficking Case

26 year-old Hamdi Ali Osman lost more than a quarter of her life to a seemingly endless ordeal. Accused of being one of the key members of a sex trafficking ring, Ms. Osman spent two years on electronic home monitoring followed four years in jail while awaiting trial on federal charges. On March 2nd, Ms. Ousman was freed, and the convictions of three of her fellow "co-conspirators" overturned, after it was shown the main case investigator had fabricated evidence. Ms. Ousman had lost six years of her life to lies.

“I never imagined that someone could lie about you like that and then your freedom being taken away from something like that,” Ms. Ousman said.

Ready to rebuild her life, Ms. Ousman turned to Andrew Irlbeck and his co-counsels to seek justice against the officals who had abused their power and her civil rights.

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