Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Autistic St. Paul Teen Injured by Metro Transit Police

Marcus Abrams was just 17 years old when he was attacked by two Metro Transit Police officers, Richard Wegner and Paul Buzicky, on August 31, 2015. Abrams was with friends at the Lexington Ave station, heading home from work at the State Fair, when he was approached by officer Richard Wegner. The teen soon found himself body slammed onto the concrete platform by officer Wegner, causing him to lose consciousness. Even as his body began to writhe due to seizures, the officers continued to hit the teen, causing multiple injuries to his face, brain, torso and wrists. The crime? Marcus Abrams was unable to present identification when asked.

This shocking assault on a young man surprisingly  resulted in no criminal charges for the two officers involved. An internal Metro Transit Police investigation officers were found to have committed no "sustained violations." Seeking justice for the acts perpetrated upon him, a suit has been filed on his behalf against the has filed a suit against the officers and the Metropolitan Council which oversees the Metro Transit Police. Read more...

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